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Commercial Building Washing & Sealing

Power Play for Building Washing and Sealing

Exterior building cleaning makes a big difference for you company’s image.  Black mold covering your brick is not an inviting introduction.  Cleaning Dryvit or Flexlite is no problem at all when you chose to remove mold from siding, brick, block, and other materials.  We are equipped to handle large hotel, office building, or other commercial real estate cleaning.

Certified lift operators are available to access just about any building.

Over the years, Power Play has helped many building become water tight.  If water intrusion problems are evident, sealing may be your solution.  Building sealing is a very cost effective way to protect the interior of your building and help it stay looking great as well!

Experienced with several siloxane based building sealing products!  All glass surfaces are prepped/covered to protect them.

Masonry companies use us often to seal there new projects.  Maybe you should consider it as well!