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Higher Pressure is NOT Always Better

I can’t help but laugh sometimes when I hear of a power washing contractor bragging about the pressure of his machine.  It goes something like this, “My pressure washer is rated at 3500 psi.”

I think to myself, that is great if you want to remove the siding along with the mildew (joking).

But seriously, A well educated and experienced washing tech knows that pressure is only one element in achieving a safe and professional cleaning.  At Power Play Inc., we run at a pressure between 1000 and 2000 psi depending on surface.  Yes, our machine is rated at 3500 psi, however, that isn’t necessary.  With our process of using appropriate detergents, foaming agent increasing hang time (dwell time), and HOT water, we can produce the BEST clean possible without ever “blasting” your property with full pressure.

If you want to compare equipment from contractor the best figure to use would be GPM (gallons per minute) rather then psi (pounds per square inch).  GPM will show you how effective a power washer is a rinsing in a timely matter.  We don’t want any soap drying on!

To see a full overview of the type of equipment that Power Play uses, please see “The Right Equipment for the Job!”

Not trying to use a scare tactic, but I have heard stories of competitors removing siding, blowing pressure tips through siding, tearing up the wood on customers decks, and the list goes on and on.  Hire once, get the best clean possible, and do it all for a very fair price with Power Play.

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