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House Power Washing

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A Mobile Pressure Washing Business You Can Trust

Please take a moment to view the pictures of House Washing completed by Power Play.  Notice the attention to detail and most importantly, the Results!  With over 16 years of experience all type s of surfaces will be improved when you move forward with your House Washing.


High Pressure is NOT the correct way to wash a home.  There is a HUGE difference between 5oopsi and 3500psi.  More beneficial are commercial grade machines that have High Flow, not High Pressure.  Benefits of a Power Play house pressure cleaning are:

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    Low / Soft Washing Process
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    Detergents that Kill AND Remove Mold and Mildew from the Side of Your House
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    Longer Lasting Clean
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    Each Surface Treated Specifically to Manufacturer Specs
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    Plant-safe and Biodegradable Products

Custom soap mixes are used to release dirt and kill mold and mildew with power washing mold removal.  Using nothing but high pressure water, the visible mold is taken off the surface but it only spreads the millions of invisible spores all over.  When mold is killed off it has to start from scratch resulting in a much longer lasting clean!

Whether you’re looking for stone, brick, or vinyl siding cleaning contractor, Power Play will give you beautiful results that last.

Add-on Services

(Gutter and Window Cleaning are only offered as Add On’s to House Washing, thanks for understanding)


Exterior Gutter Scrubbing / Whitening

If the gutters on your home are oxidized, they may require a gutter scrub to come clean. 1 in about 6 or 7 homes may show vertical black streaking.  If your home’s gutters shows vertical black streaking and you want it removed, our experts can perform this Add On serviced to pressure wash your gutters with our Gutter Scrubbing / Gutter Whitening Service.


Interior Gutter Cleaning

We don’t just pressure wash gutters; exteriors; we remove all debris from inside the gutters and flush all downspouts and drainage system to ensure full flow. If you have gutter guards, please let us know, as this changes our process.


Window Cleaning

Talk to us about our Window Cleaning services. We do offer window cleaning as an Add On to our home pressure cleaning services.


Patios, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Hardwood Deck Cleaning, and More!

Almost every home will benefit from cleaning around it as well. Once we arrive at your property to clean, Extras are very affordable.  Feel free to get a quote on any additional work, there is no obligation of course!



Experienced with Safe Washing of All Surfaces

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      Vinyl Siding
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      Aluminum Siding
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      Painted and Stained Surfaces
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      Dryvit, Flexlite, and Stucco
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      Capping, Gutters, and Soffit
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      Hot Water Available (for soot, oil, and carbon removal)

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