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Pavement, Stone, Concrete Before & After

Patio & Driveway Power Washing Service

Cleaning the flat surfaces around your home helps protect your investment.  Take it a step further and choose to have your surfaces sealed as well.

Power Play is proficient at cleaning the following surfaces:

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      Paver and Hardscaping

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      Standard and Stamped Concrete
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      Flagstone and Other Natural Stones
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      Concrete Overlays and Stains
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      Pool Aprons of All Sorts

    Sealing Protects Your Investment

    Sealing works by not allowing water and the sun UVs to deteriorate your surfaces.  All the surfaces mentioned above can be sealed for protection.  Different surfaces require different sealers.  After years of product testing and usage, Power Play is happy to offer the Top Products Only.

    Power Play recommends CSS Emulsion for your stamped concrete sealing.  It is a modified acrylic sealer that lasts about a year longer then other products on the market.

    Perhaps you want a semi gloss look to bring out the colors.  You want a flat sealer with no color alteration at all.  Regardless of your needs, application can be completed for a very competitive price.

    Go ahead and get you some firm numbers by requesting a quote today!