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Wood Deck and Fence Restoration

Before & Afters

Deck and Fence Restoration Process

A professional pressure wash for a wood deck or fencing is completed using percarbonate blend cleaners.  These cleaners help us remove mold and dirt while being 100% safe for plants, grass, and other surfaces.  In addition to cleaning, stripping is also sometimes required.

Power Play will need to look at most wood surfaces in person to give the best course of action.

Most surfaces are also brightened after cleaning or stripping to both neutralize and brighten the surface.

Premium Oil stains are always recommended for ease of maintenance, best natural appearance, and durability.  This type of sealer protects wood by clogging the pores with non drying oils and not allowing water to penetrate.  It then also seals at the surfaces with drying oils.  The pigment or stain within the product is what protect from harsh UV sun rays.  Color options are limited compared to solid paint type stains, but the benefits out way this inconvenience in our professional opinion.

If your deck already has a solid or acrylic based stain, you may need to go back to that product.

Please take a moment to view some pictures of decking before, during, and after our restoration process.

Protect your investment and don’t let your wood decay and rot!  We do need to warn customers that this service is very weather-dependent, and there are times we are booked with other customers as we work on a first-come, first-serve basis for this service.  There is usually a small waiting period and at times we do not take on more worked if we are backed out for many weeks.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Just one more reason to get going with the quote so we can be one step closer to protecting your property!